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Our network is an open framework for network-based services used to drive business success and results. The network architecture is comprised of two fully redundant, separate networks. This guarantees an additional level of security, flexibility, and control to optimize customers’ positive experiences. We invested in the latest networking equipment available - Juniper M20 routers at the edge, Cisco 6500 series switches for distribution and aggregation, along with Cisco 3500 and 2900 series switches at the customer layer. Reliability and scalability of the advanced network are maximized when we combine the most advanced routing and switching technologies. Our modern network guarantees world class bandwidth. We are proud to partner with the highest quality providers with their private peering that guarantees top quality bandwidth. This means the fastest possible route, no slowdowns, a great number of available overhead, and the most reliable path to you. Our network provides the absolute fastest and most reliable connection. We use three different providers. In the event that something ever happens with one of the providers, traffic is automatically and seamlessly transferred out to the other providers.

above net network mapThe AboveNet is one of the leading providers of high bandwidth connectivity with fiber miles worldwide of greater than 2 million and list buildings of more than 1,800. AboveNer is our principal network partner that we can fully rely upon. Under the long term agreement, AboveNet will provide its fiber-based communications services to support an ongoing provision of high quality services. AboveNet hubs are connected via AboveNet fiber and DWDM equipment terminating the fiber. This infrastructure enables AboveNet to deliver a high level of availability and fast Internet response for both domestic and international traffic

Cogent network mapCogent's offers an innovative and comprehensive transmission network solution to support our increasing bandwidth demands.  Enterprise, content, wholesale, and government customers rely on Cogent to deliver communications services with an industry-leading combination of scalability and quality, over an end-to-end fiber network.  Cogent currently has a presence in over 86 markets throughout the United States and Europe. With a currently implemented capacity of 80 Gbit/s in the United States and 40 Gbit/s in Europe, Cogent's multi-national IP network is one of the largest in the world with a capacity of over one Terabit.

Savvis network mapSAVVIS operates the largest next-generation Intelligent IP Network in the world. SAVVIS is a global leader in outsourced internet infrastructure services for the enterprise.  We use SAVVIS to reduce capital expense, improve service levels and harness the latest advances.  The SAVVIS IP network spans 105 cities in 47 countries the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia and the Pacific Rim. 

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