About Serventus

Serventus continuously provides advanced, straightforward hosting solutions. Our customer-focused mission helps us satisfy every client and their rising hosting needs. We make your web presence reliable.

All of the equipment in our datacenters is carefully chosen to ensure maximum uptime performance. We utilize high quality server and network equipment. Hardware from world best manufacturers is used to provide top speed, connectivity and data security. Our connectivity is provided through highly redundant network path that optimizes the routing of all data supported by the best network providers.

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Our primary approach is to make your hosting experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible. Our technicians, administrators, web programmers and web hosting professionals manage, consult and configure helping you to find the best suitable hosting solution for your business’s needs.


Serventus is founded by a team of dedicated professionals banded together to build, improve and provide superior hosting solution and tools for our customers to operate and succeed on the web.

Our goal is to ensure that all of our customers have the opportunity to utilize their full-potential at an affordable price

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Prefered Operation Systems
Serventus provides a full range of operation system options and settings. Each server may have its own task with specific OS required: Serventus dedicated servers are available with any OS option needed.